Fonzo mixes

Fonzo and Chilli Mule

Curated By Food Talk India

fonzo fonzo
fonzo fonzo

The sweetness of mango in Fonzo gets an all-new high when spiked with the spiciness of chili, and the aroma of fresh ginger!

fonzo fonzo fonzo


  1. Half fresh red chili sliced
  2. 60 ml mango puree
  3. 10 ml ginger syrup
  4. 60 ml vodka
  5. Bisleri Fonzo


  1. Fill up the cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add in the half sliced chili, mango puree, ginger syrup, vodka & shake well.
  3. Take mild red chili powder, mix with salt and apply to the rim of the cocktail glass.
  4. Fill up the prepared glass with ice and pour in the mix.
  5. Top up with Bisleri Fonzo.
  6. Garnish with the remaining sliced chili.
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